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Dictomate - MP3 Voice Recorder

3.57 usd

Dictomate is a high quality licensed MP3 audio recorder and dictophone with bookmarking capability. It gives you the ability to record memos, meetings, conferences, lectures with the added benefit of bookmarking key points in the audio recording. Use your phone as a Dictaphone. Main Features:- Home screen Widget - Start/Stop recording & Add Bookmark Android wear companion app - Start/Stop/Bookmark from your wear device. Discrete Bookmarking. Bluetooth remote shutter support - startstop & bookmark recordings from remote. Search Bookmarks & Recordings. Records real time in MP3 format. Records as background service. Microphone Selection. Pause playback with auto back space. Graphic equaliser. Create Bookmarks in record and playback modes. Share bookmark audio snippet. Share mp3 recording to Gmail, Google Drive, etc.. Export & Import recordings to and from Gmail, Google Drive, etc... Pause recording. Previous Recording Lists. Edit names of Bookmarks/Recordings. Remove Recordings/Bookmarks. Configurable recording file storage location - Note: >Android 4.4 (KitKat) users. To record to an external SD card the storage location should be set to /Android/data/com.handroid.dictomate/files. This is due to security policy introduced in Android 4.4 (KitKat).
Our company 'Handroid' is fully licensed to play/record using MP3 patented technology. See for a full list of licensed companies.
Please do not hesitate contact us if you have any feedback regarding this app.